Demand for exorcists urgent in the Philippines

The Philippines bishops’ conference has been asked to dramatically increase the number of exorcists in the nation.

Fr Jose Francisco Syquia, the chief exorcist for Manila archdiocese, said he has seen a steady increase in cases in the past decade, with 200 so far this year.

In 2006, a National Office of Exorcism was opening in the Philippines.

“At any given time we have at the minimum 30 cases,” said Fr Syquia.

“And we’re only five exorcists.”

He has asked the Philippines bishops conference to assign one resident exorcist to each of the country’s 86 dioceses.

It’s important, he said, because many Filipinos will turn to occult practitioners when they cannot find a Catholic exorcist, leaving them with “spiritual openings” that allow demons to latch on.

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