On ya bike for vocations…seminarians’ pilgrimage

In November and December eight seminarians and a priest from Holy Cross Seminary in Auckland will be cycling the length of New Zealand to promote and pray for vocations to the priesthood.

The pilgrimage will begin at Cape Reinga, which is the northern most point on the mainland of New Zealand.

It will take about 33 days, including some rest days.

Each night the pilgrims will stay in presbyteries and parishioners’ homes.

They will be accompanied by a van that will carry their food, clothing, spares and safety equipment.

The van may also be used to transport any rider who is overcome with fatigue.

The seminarians will be speaking about vocations in each of the dioceses as they pass through.

They are planning their journey so that they arrive in Christchurch on 4 December in time to attend the ordination of three Christchurch deacons who are students at Holy Cross.

While they will be providing their own bikes, the seminary students are appealing for help to meet other costs such as the flights home, Ferry tickets to cross Cook Strait – they apparently lack sufficient faith to walk on water.

“We are asking for your prayers and support that this experience may be fruitful in the lives of young people today, encouraging them to ‘cast out into the deep’ by following Jesus in today’s world.

Their blog will be updated regularly, including while they are actually on the journey.


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