McAuley students take a vow of silence

McAuley High students have been taking part in a “Pledge of Silence” as part of Amnesty International’s Freedom Challenge campaign with the theme “If I were a refugee, I’d want it for me: Double the Quota!”

Students wore signs and collected donations while remaining silent for three hours during the first part of the day.

Lead teacher Makerita Loto says the girls found it a challenge to stay silent for so long but “feeling a sense of accomplishment as well as making a difference is really important”.

Student leader Iundia Puloka says the school takes part in ‘Pledge of Silence’ every year “so the tradition lives on”.

“It is very important for New Zealand to double the refugee quota because our country would be able to make a big difference if we expand the number.”

Amnesty’s  If I were a refugee, I’d want it for me: Double the Quota! campaign is aimed at doubling the number of refugees New Zealand accepts each year.

“With nearly 60 million people displaced around the world, New Zealand can and should do more.”

“For this year’s Freedom Challenge we are encouraging New Zealand to save lives by doubling our annual refugee quota.”


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