PM proud Fiji unique multi-faith nation

The Prime Minster of Fiji, Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, says he is proud of the fact that Fiji is one of very few countries in which a public holiday is set aside for Prophet Mohammed’s birthday as well as great commemorations for other major religions – Christianity and Hinduism.

He says it underlines the unique nature of Fiji.

According to its new constitution Fiji is a multi-faith nation that guarantees religious freedom and establishes a secular state.

Bainimarama believes religion is a unifying force and a bridge between all races, no matter what denomination people belonged to.

“Many people in Fiji were alarmed by the provision in our new Constitution that makes Fiji a secular state.”

“They thought that made Fiji non-religious – or even hostile to religion. Their fear is unjustified,” he said.

“Our constitution simply respects all religions. Where all faiths flourish in harmony, morality and goodness prevail. That is because faith ennobles.”

The Muslim community in Fiji has played a pivotal role together with other Fijians in the country’s many achievements, said Bainimarama.

He made these remarks at a dinner with the British Columbia Muslim Association in Canada last week.

Fiji is a multi-race and a multi-culture country, so there is a range of religions present.

The population is 53% Christian, 38% Hindu, and 8% Muslim, with small groups of Sikhs.

It is very common to see Christian churches, mosques, and Sikh and Hindu temples throughout the islands.


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