Pro-life feminism — the ultimate social justice campaign

Fiorella Nash is a novelist as well as an advocate for pro-life causes.

Her novels, written under the name Fiorella De Maria, include Poor Banished Children, Do No Harm, and her latest, We’ll Never Tell Them.

She was interviewed for Catholic World Report by email:

CWR: In addition to being a novelist, you are also quite active in advocacy on pro-life issues, and are a researcher for the UK’s Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. How did you first get involved with this type of work?

Fiorella Nash: I became involved with pro-life activism as a student, but I came to it from the less-usual route of left-wing social justice campaigning.

I always imagined that I would be a professional campaigner and writer when I left university, but I expected to end up working in theatres of war or earthquake zones.

I practically grew up marching and holding candles at vigils for prisoners of conscience, my parents were heavily involved with our local Amnesty group for years, before Amnesty became entangled in the whole sexual-rights agenda, and I learnt a lot about the world of campaigning and what motivates people to become involved in good causes.

A big reality check for me came while at university.

I was not involved in the pro-life society for my first couple of years, but I had always opposed abortion and I could not get my head round the fact that people could talk in passionate terms about standing in solidarity with the most vulnerable—the poor, the homeless, the stateless—but when it came to the unborn, it became: “my body, my control, my lifestyle, my right to do whatever I like and to hell with the vulnerable person in the way.”

For me, being pro-life was the ultimate social justice campaign—protecting the most vulnerable human lives—and it was when I realized how little support and protection there was for the unborn and for women in crisis pregnancies that I began to dedicate more time to the pro-life movement. Continue reading

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