Queen’s insistence on faith marks her reign – Cardinal Nichols

Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols has thanked Queen Elizabeth II for her “steadfast insistence on the great importance of our Christian faith.”

His message, conveyed in a letter to Her Majesty to mark the occasion of her becoming the longest reigning monarch.

The Cardinal wrote in the name of Catholics across the world, and especially in the Commonwealth.

He told Her Majesty that Catholics join our prayers of thanksgiving to those of other Christians for the many blessings of her reign.

In a message released Wednesday, Cardinal Nichols said the Queen has been “unstinting’ in her vocation.

“Your vocation as our Queen has been unstinting over these years.

“The burden of high office fell upon your shoulders at a young age, and yet through the many and varied circumstances of your reign, you have held integrity of service as a high standard and as an exemplar for other heads of state and leaders of nations.

“We give thanks too for the constant support that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has shown you in your time as our Queen; his role as Prince Consort being a source of strength and stay.

“We thank you too, for your steadfast insistence on the great importance of our Christian faith, given in both word and example, alongside your appreciation of the contribution made by other religions in our rich and diverse society today.

“Our hope is that, enriched by the presence of many beliefs and cultures, our country will always maintain respect for our Christian heritage and the sure foundations that it provides for a flourishing of true human fulfilment. ”

The Gospel of Jesus, which we seek to serve, is a challenge to our society to think more deeply about the sanctity of life, the constant need for forgiveness and reconciliation, and the faithfulness required in love and the self-sacrifice which brings true satisfaction.”

Cardinal Nichols promised the prayers of all the Catholic communities of England and Wales and concluded asking God to grant Queen Elizabeth every blessing now and in the years to come.


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