Church clamps down on ‘sacred’ water Virgin Mary claim

A Sicilian priest has been ordered not to celebrate Mass at a centre after he told people to drink ‘sacred’ water from a spring revealed by the Virgin Mary.

Fr Alessandro Minutella from Carini has been leading his congregation in prayer at the water source and has wanted to distribute water.

Fr Minutella believes the Virgin Mary led him to the spring.

The priest said he found the flowing water at a spiritual centre he himself had founded, called Piccola Nazareth.

Last Monday, the faithful of Piccola Nazareth were invited for prayer at the “holy” water source.

They were told that it would be distributed for the first time to whoever wanted some.

But the invite, made on Facebook, also said that Fr Minutella would not be attending the event out of respect for the Church hierarchy, after his claims of saintly voices and miracle water angered Church authority.

Archbishop Michele Pennisi of Monreale slammed Fr Minutella’s claims as “misleading, manipulative and dangerous”.

The archbishop also banned the priest from saying Mass at the Piccola Nazareth centre.

But Fr Minutella has accrued many faithful disciples thanks to the centre’s Facebook page and website, and his followers were quick defend him from criticism.

“Jesus healed the sick and preached peace and love, but they still nailed him to a cross,” wrote one of the centre’s attendees on the page.

Speaking to Italian media, Fr Minutella said of the Virgin Mary: “She doesn’t speak to me or for me — but she speaks through me to everybody, inviting them to pray, confess and return to God.”.

“Today, people are sad and there is no serenity or peace. The water flowing is a symbol telling people of the need to purify their souls.”


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