Five controversial saints in the making

The controversy stirred up by the canonisation of St Junípero Serra is still raging in America.

It’s a reminder that with social media and modern communications there is ever greater accessibility to the “human” side of contemporary saints.

In some cases the hostility is between those responsible for a particular Cause. Here are five of the more controversial saints in the making.

Dorothy Day

The profile of Dorothy Day has been raised considerably since the Pope spoke warmly of her during his visit to America a few weeks ago. This has given hope to those who for the last 25 years have campaigned for her beatification.

Dorothy Day is a controversial figure and many claim that she should not be beatified because she had an illegitimate child and an abortion. But for those who find her an inspiration, she is an example and encouragement.

It is precisely because her story is one of transformation in the love of God that people find her so appealing. Day provides a role model and gives hope to women who have had abortions.

Her own post-abortion grief led her to have a great compassion for women in similar situations who experienced the guilt and pain of loss.

In 1930 Dorothy Day met Peter Maurin and shortly afterwards they founded the Catholic Worker Movement, which became a lifeline to thousands during the worst period of the Great Depression.

This involved the running of Houses of Hospitality, soup kitchens and caring for those made homeless.

Day’s life story has been the subject of many films and books. In 1996 the film Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story was released to critical acclaim.

Dorothy Day has been given the title of Servant of God and her supporters hope that the forthcoming Year of Mercy may be a catalyst for the process to move forward towards canonisation. Continue reading

Source and Image:

  • Catholic Herald, from an article by Fr Matthew Pittam,  a priest of the Archdiocese of Birmingham.
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