Priests ask funeral directors not to include a charge for priest

The Priests’ Council in Wellington has asked funeral directors to ensure that their clients are not given the impression that payments relating to a church-based funeral are non-negotiable, or that Catholic clergy expect to be reimbursed for their service.

“Please understand that we do not charge for our services. It would therefore be appreciated that the Funeral Director, when preparing a bereaved family for the funeral service, makes this point very clearly,” Fr David Dowling, chairman of the Council of Priests, said in the letter to Funeral Directors.

“The family may wish to make a donation to the priest, but this should not be interpreted or explained as payment.”

The letter says it is not usual to make a donation for the use of the church, but there may be a hiring fee for the church hall or other place for refreshments.

However, “in all cases, the circumstances of the bereaved family should be taken into account.”


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