Samoan choir singing in Marton on Sunday

A Samoan choir will be singing at Mass in a village in New Zealand this Sunday.

The parish of St Francis Xavier in Marton will be hosting a choir from the village of Vaiusu near Apia.

Organiser Faio Iern, who conducts the choir at St Francis Xavier in Marton, said the choir from Vaiusu would also be singing in Mangere on Monday.

“They are here to raise funds to have a PA system in their church back in Samoa,” he said.

Many of the choir members were relatives, he added.

“They will be staying with all of us here in this area. We are so looking forward to seeing them and hearing them sing because they are a very good choir.”

“We hope we can fill the church because these people are very beautiful to listen to,” Iern said.

The visitors will sing gospel and Samoan songs and be dressed in a traditional costume.

Have a listen to the choir

There is a large community of Samoan people in Marton.


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