Pharmacist refuses to sell morning-after pill

A Wairoa pharmacist refuses to sell the emergency contraceptive pill over her counter because of personal beliefs.

To be eligible to sell the emergency contraceptive pill, commonly referred to as the morning-after pill, pharmacists have to complete a course.

Owner Elsa Norvil says she will not do this, for personal reasons.

“I am not prepared to supply the pill over the counter, as I see conception as a potential life, with a soul, so I will not sell it as I consider this as ending another’s life.”

“I am prepared to dispense it on doctors’ instructions and believe this acknowledges other’s rights to access this service.”

“There are alternatives in place and it is an ethical right whether or not one chooses to stock or dispense the emergency contraceptive pill,” Norvil said.

Wairoa people say they respect Norvil’s views but because hers is the only pharmacy in town, other options need to be offered.

Some residents are concerned that limited local access could be contributing to Wairoa’s high teenage pregnancy rate.

Wairoa has no family planning facilities so the morning-after pill can be obtained only by doctor’s prescription or from school-based health services.


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