Funds raised to counter 40 Days for Life vigils

Hundreds of dollars have been raised to send flowers and support to New Zealand abortion clinics in response to the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign.

The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand set up a “give a little” web page to raise $300 to send the flowers, support messages and “sweet treats” to three abortion clinics.

“We want to balance out the vitriol and stigma perpetrated by the anti-choice ’40 Days’ campaign,” ALRANZ stated on its “give a little” page.

The campaign raised $425 from 28 donors.

The amount above $300 is being spent on supporting other abortion clinics and providers, starting from Invercargill and moving north.

The 40 Days for Life campaign runs from February 10 to March 20, and is taking place outside AMAC in Auckland, Wellington Hospital and Christchurch Hospital.

Those participating in the vigils are praying for an end to abortion, for women who are considering an abortion -that they may chose life, for women who have had an abortion and who are now seeking spiritual and physical healing.

Prayer is being offered for those doctors and nurses involved in abortion industry that they might change and promote a culture of life.

But ALRANZ said the clinics involved are being targeted for harassment.

Right to Life spokesman Ken Orr rejected this charge.

“It is disappointing that ALRANZ, a small pro-abortion anti-feminist organisation, is opposed to prayers for an end to the killing of the unborn and for support for women to choose life for their unborn baby,” Mr Orr said.

“This organisation is conducting a campaign of 40 days harassment of those praying in these vigils. There has been verbal abuse, theft of signs and prayer material.

“Those participating in the vigils will not be deterred by this harassment,” Mr Orr said.

ALRANZ said it would be organising “some counter-protests”.


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