Wellington archdiocese gets structural revamp

Wellington archdiocese’s departments are being re-organised to be better aligned to Cardinal John Dew’s priorities for the archdiocese.

In a letter to parish priests and other parish bodies dated March 3, Cardinal Dew wrote about a consultation process with archdiocese departments last year.

This has resulted in renaming departments as vicariates, so as to better represent the archbishop in what he is seeking to do.

Cardinal Dew wrote that this means supporting him in his mission as archbishop and supporting “parishes and communities build our re-imagined church in the archdiocese”.

The vicariates are:-

  • Parish Leadership Ministry – led by Mary-Ann Greaney
  • Family and Young Church Ministry – led by Dr Chris Duthie-Jung
  • Education and Catholic Schools Education Services – led by Jenny Gordon
  • Catholic Social Services – led by Lesley Hooper
  • Finance – led by Angela Kelly-Smith.

Cardinal Dew added that there will also be the role of General Manager (and diocesan financial administrator), filled by Paul Bayliss.

The cardinal wrote that two new part-time positions have been created in his office – pastoral assistant (stewardship), who will be Lorraine McArthur, and a projects assistant who is yet to be appointed.

The latter position will lead and organise the process to have an archdiocesan synod in 2016/17, and will involve other duties assisting the cardinal.

Cardinal Dew noted that an overall change of this magnitude would be accompanied by some “sad outcomes”.

“The Pastoral Services Department that has served us so well will cease to exist at the end of March, and Michael Noonan will be leaving at that time.”

In the re-organisation, Cardinal Dew wrote, “we have set out to be more focussed and to have fewer organisational layers between the people working in the Catholic Centre”.

The parish leadership ministry vicariate will be responsible for “helping parishes put in place the collaborative pastoral leadership model that is central to re-imagining the archdiocese and supporting the successful creation of our new parishes”.

Mary-Ann Greaney is also responsible for the “Launch Out” programme which forms lay leaders for the future.


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