Fiji commissioner wants church gatherings only in daytime

Fiji’s police commissioner has called for religious gatherings to be held only in daytime as a community safety measure.

Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho said it is about time this happened.

The commissioner also said parents should accompany their children to church services and other gatherings.

He said police are working on strategies to ensure children do not become targets of sexual predators.

The commissioner expressed concern about the number of cases under investigation in which parental negligence was a factor.

Concerns have also reportedly been raised about the people going to religious meetings while leaving their children at home alone.

Meanwhile, murdered 14-year-old Lomary Catholic Primary School student Mere Ailevu was laid to rest on Saturday.

The Year 7 student from Lepanoni had gone for Palm Sunday rehearsal at a nearby church last Sunday afternoon.

She then told her parents that she was going to a church crusade that evening.

The 14‑year‑old girl was missing from Sunday night.

Her body was found at Deuba Beach on Monday afternoon.

A 33‑year‑old man remains in custody in relation to her murder.

Post mortem results indicate that Mere died from a brain haemorrhage.


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