Trump Easter billboard stolen from outside Auckland church

An Auckland church’s billboard about Donald Trump was stolen while the church’s minister was conducting a funeral service.

The billboard was put up for Lent several weeks ago outside St Luke’s Presbyterian Church in Remuera.

The sign depicted US presidential candidate Donald Trump standing in front of the crucified Jesus, holding a hammer and saying, “I don’t like losers”.

The billboard was taken by thieves on the Thursday before Easter.

The theft happened while St Luke’s minister Rev. Glynn Cardy was inside the church conducting a funeral service.

Rev. Cardy admitted he isn’t sure whether the thieves stole the billboard because they liked it or because they hated it.

“Some people don’t like the billboard because they like Donald Trump.

“Some don’t like the billboard because it [implies] Jesus was a loser.

“Whereas others, like myself and those here at the community of St Luke, see the cartoon as showing that the values and views of people like Mr Trump are completely at odds with those of Jesus.

“It is disappointing that someone decided to break the law and steal something that was stimulating a meaningful discussion in our community about the meaning of Easter.”

St Luke’s stated it would be replacing the billboard after Easter Sunday.

The church intends to keep the billboard up as long as the issue of Trump’s candidacy remains undecided.

Rev. Cardy was vicar at St Matthew-in-the-City church in Auckland when it put up controversial billboards several years ago.


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