Working as one to restore Taveuni after Winston

A group of people, headed by Nakia Resort owner Robin Kelly and her daughter Julie, have been involved in restoring homes and delivering much-needed food rations and relief supplies to communities on the island of Taveuni that have been affected by cyclone Winston.

Julie and her team have raised $102,000 with over $44,000 to food and $58,000 going to building materials. Donations continue to come in.

She said they had managed to raise money from former guests in their hotel to kind donors who had responded to their appeal on Facebook.

Julie said “The best part of the relief effort is to see so many people from different groups come together as one tribe.

“Initially my mom and I with a friend Seraina Brunett, all from Nakia Resort and Dive, raised over $100,000 from amazing people, mostly our friends, family, previous guests and even strangers for food rations, while donations are still coming in,” she said.

“With the help of non-governmental organisations like Shelter Box, Loloma Foundation and countless others we have been able to begin restoration of affected homes in the South and North end of the island.”

Kelly said the response from people willing to help on their Facebook page was just overwhelming.

Cyclone Winston was the strongest cyclone ever recorded in the southern hemisphere and the south coast of Taveuni Island, took a direct hit.

Winds were recorded at over 300 km/hr and an 18 metre tsunami-like storm surge ravaged the coastline and ripped away countless homes, community centres, schools and even resorts that were in its path.

Approximately 70% of all homes have been destroyed along this coastline with over 5000 people affected.


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