Can Dunedin Anglicans afford a full-time bishop?

The retiring Anglican bishop of Dunedin is questioning whether the dioceses can afford to have a full-time bishop.

The Rt Rev Dr Kelvin Wright said some very careful thought needs to be given as to how to pay for episcopal ministry in the future.

“Maybe some hard choices and some innovations may need to be made,” he said.

Wright said the diocese might continue with a bishop, but it might be “a part-time position” and might include working in another role within the diocese.

He would not say how much it cost to employ a full-time bishop.

Wright informed the New Zealand Anglican Archbishop, the Most Rev Philip Richardson, of his intention to retire as Bishop of Dunedin on April 17, 2017.

Wright said he would turn 65 in April next year, and believed it was as good a time as any to retire.

“I’ve got other things I want to be doing. It’s a good time for me to move on.

“I’m looking forward to having a life of my own again.”

Wright said when he retires next year, he would have been Anglican Bishop of Dunedin for seven years.


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