Muslim schoolgirls in trouble for wearing headscarves

A Methodist school in Fiji last week reprimanded a group of Muslim students for wearing religious headscarves to school.

The  Church’s secretary for education, Waisake Ravatu, said the students were disciplined for breaking the school dress code rules.

He said the school principal asked students to remove their headscarves last week Wednesday.

Ravatu said all religious schools in Fiji have rules about uniforms

“All the students are required to follow these rules.”

He said they could have resolved the issue if parents had consulted the school management.

“While there is scope for allowing students to practise their religious beliefs, there is a reason we have uniforms.”

Ravatu said that Christians who attended education institutions owned or managed by other religious organisations had to observe the rules of those schools.

The issue has caused a reaction on social media 


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