Apuron’s “gag order” rescinded by Vatican appointed administrator

Vatican appointee, Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai, has rescinded a decree which forbade Catholics from associating with a group that is calling for the removal of Guam’s Archbishop, Anthony Apuron.

Hon stated in his decree he rescinded and annulled Apuron’s decree, “After seven days of consultation and reflection, with deep concern for the best interests of the Archdiocese of Agana, particularly for the promotion of reconciliation and deeper communion of all members of this particular church.”

Apuron issued the decree June 7. It was to take affect on 14 June.

The decree made the Concerned Catholics of Guam a prohibited society.

It stated that all members of the faithful in and of the archdiocese, clerical or lay, are to:

  • Avoid association with this organization
  • Refrain from signing, or otherwise promoting, acts or other measures of that organization
  • Renounce membership, or any other position, within that organization
  • Refrain from speaking, publicly or privately, on behalf of that organization.”

Group official David Sablan called Apuron’s decree a gag order. He described his organization as “concerned Catholics seeking the truth.”

Concerned Catholics’ members include churchgoers who have publicly questioned some of Apuron’s decisions.

They have questioned the transfer of control of a prime piece of real estate to a board of which the archbishop is a minority.

They have also called for the Archbishop to step down after allegation of sexual abuse three men accused Apuron of sexually abusing them while they were minors in the 1970s and Apuron was a parish priest.

Apuron has denied all the allegations

Hon Tai Fai is the Vatican appointed temporary administrator of the the Archdiocese.

He said in a statement that the archdiocese will take the situation into “serious consideration”.

He will present his findings to the Vatican which has final authority in cases related to bishops


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