Catholic church in Geraldine desecrated by theives

Geraldine’s Catholic parishioners are reeling after their historic church was “desecrated” by thieves overnight on Saturday.

Thieves entered through the main doors of the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception on Peel St, by forcing them open.

A gold chalice, a small silver cyborium (plate) (sic), crystal vessels with communion wine in them and a wooden cross were also taken from the unlocked sacristy (a room where the priest keeps vestments). A Roman Missal, used for readings, and a lectionary, which has the gospel and the epistles in it were also stolen.

However what was most offensive to the parishioners was that the thieves had tampered with the tabernacle.

Opihi Parish property manager David Atwood said he felt violated, as did the other more than 50 parishioners at mass on Sunday morning, once they discovered what had happened. Read more

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