Traditionalist SSPX says Pope has encouraged errors

A statement from the traditionalist Society of St Pius X indicates that a new attempt at reconciliation with Rome has stalled.

According to the statement, issued by SSPX superior general Bishop Bernard Fellay, the society “does not primarily seek recognition from the Vatican”.

Bishop Fellay met Pope Francis for the first time in April.

For the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis granted faculties to SSPX priests to offer absolution of sins.

In the statement, Bishop Fellay said “a large number of pastors, including the Pope himself” have encouraged errors.

The bishop said a “painful confusion” currently reigns in the Church.

He affirmed that, in such times, the proclamation of Catholic doctrine requires the denunciation of such errors.

The statement did not specify the “errors” it was referring to.

And it didn’t say how the the society believes Pope Francis is encouraging them.

The SSPX society “has a right” to full canonical recognition, Bishop Fellay stated.

But its primary aim is to teach the fullness of Catholic faith, “which shows the only route to follow in this age of darkness in which the cult of man replaces the worship of God, in society as in the Church”.

“The ‘restoration of all things in Christ’ . . . cannot happen without the support of a pope who concretely favours the return to sacred tradition,” the statement said.

“While waiting for that blessed day, the Society of St Pius X intends to redouble its efforts to establish and to spread, with the means that divine providence gives to it, the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The statement added: “The Society of Saint Pius X prays and does penance for the Pope, that he might have the strength to proclaim Catholic faith and morals in their entirety.”

The statement was issued after a meeting of the group’s leaders from 25-28 June.


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