Benedict XVI says he broke up Vatican gay lobby

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has alleged that a so-called gay lobby was operating in the Vatican when he was Pope, but he broke it up.

Benedict’s comments were reported in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra.

The comments are in a new book of interviews between the retired Pope and journalist Peter Seewald.

Corriere della Serra has acquired the Italian newspaper rights for excerpts and has access to the book.

The book, called “Last Conversations” is scheduled to be released in September.

It is the first time in history that a former pope has judged his own pontificate after it is over.

The paper reported that, in one of the interviews with Seewald, Benedict said he came to know of the presence of a so-called gay lobby at the Vatican.

This was made up of four or five people who were seeking to influence Vatican decisions.

The article reported Benedict saying he managed to “break up this power group”.

Gay rights campaigners have long said many gay people work for the Vatican.

Church sources have said they suspect that some banded together to support each other’s careers and influence decisions in the bureaucracy.

Corriere della Serra also revealed how Benedict kept a diary during his papacy, which he now plans to destroy, despite its historical significance.

The upcoming book will also include details of the Pope Emeritus’s life, faith and papacy, including his thoughts on current pope, Francis.

Benedict “admits his lack of resoluteness in governing”, Corriere della Serra reported.

It is also reported that he was “surprised” when the cardinals chose Francis as his successor in 2013.

Corriere della Serra stated that Benedict “again denies blackmail or pressure” in his decision to resign.

But Benedict reportedly said he had to overcome his own doubts on the effect his choice could have on the future of the papacy.


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