This Café provides a taste of Rome in Apia

Since its opening ceremony some weeks ago, the religiously themed Immaculate Religious Shop and Café has already served many customers, no matter if they are devout Christians or not.

“This is my first visit here, but I think it is really great. I would not consider myself a really devout or religious person, but I really like the look of the building, and the coffee served here is excellent as well”, said Leilani Su’a who visited the place with a colleague.

The shop sells sacramental and ceremonial items for the Catholic Church. And religious statues, images and devotional books, scripts, that is inspirational and motivational to all religious.

The café sells an All Day Breakfast Menu and light lunch meals with our specialty coffee of flat white, mocha; and tea.

The Immaculate Religious Shop and Café’s setting is unique. Looking up, customers can discover a ceiling panel in the style of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” in Sistine Chapel in Rome.The café’s walls are decorated with Christian scenes such as Leonardo da Vinci’s famous “Last Supper”.

Immaculate Religious Shop and Café is the brainchild of five women Kereti Ah Liki, Tanya Grey, Francine Fruean, Trude Clarke and Jackie Fepulea’i. They got to know each other through their church group Divine Mercy.

Each of these women already has had experience in leading a business.

The Immaculate Religious Shop and Café is located in an old historical building in the Catholic Cathedral Compound in the heart of downtown Apia, Samoa.ia. It is across the road from the Samoa Tourist Information Centre.

“It has been going really well so far for us. We see our business also as a part of the community service, which is not only limited to the Catholic community only but is also open to all the other religious communities in the area,” said Francine Fruean.

Fruean told Samoa Observer that churches are not the only only ones interested in these item. Some of Samoa’s more devout tourists also discovered a certain joy in them.


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