Samoan stigmatic writing messages in ancient Hebrew

Toaipuapuagā Opapo the young Samoan woman reported to be to be a stigmatic has been writing messages in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic despite not having studied these languages.

A report in Talamua a local newspaper include photographs of some of the messages.

Some of the messages, appear to be similar to those found in the diary of the St  Maria Faustina Kowalska.

“The only difference is that Sister Faustina’s messages were written in English, and Toa’s messages were in Hebrew,” said her father Elder Opapo Oeti of the Congregational Christian Church of Matautu, Falelatai.

“The messages include God and Jesus names in Hebrew, Yahweh and “God’s wish for his daughter to tell the people of his (God) love for them.”

Toa has recorded 18 messages and 6 of these were in the ancient Hebrew language, and were translated by teachers at the Malua Theological College.

There are also messages written in the Aramaic language, which surprised the Malua principal,” said Opapo as Aramaic is said to be the language Jesus spoke at his time.

Copies of the messages were also given to the Methodist and Catholic Church teachers and theologians for their own perusal and study.

Messages in Hebrew have been written by Toa in the presence of others including Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, the prime minister and one in front of the principal of the Malua Theological College.

The prime minister sent the message recorded before him to a Jewish person in Wellington, and his translations are similar to that of the college, except for some words which he could not translate.

Opapo says the underlying message is for the people and the world to be at peace.

He said the fact that the messages are similar as revealed through Saint Faustina, a Catholic and his daughter who is an ordinary person of the Congregationalist faith, reveals that God’s message and Love transcends church and human differences.

Talamua has reported that Toa will reveal God’s final message at the end of August 2016


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