Youths start convulsing after playing Ouija-type game

Nearly two dozen Colombian young people have displayed convulsions and other odd behaviours after playing the Ouija-type game “Charlie Charlie”.

The game consists of a pair of pencils or pens, a piece of paper and the invocation of a demonic spirit named “Charlie”.

The demon supposedly answers “yes” or “no” to questions put to him.

The Catholic News Agency described local reports of the plight of 22 young women aged between 12 and 15, who started convulsing and behaving strangely.

Caracol News reported that the girls may have been “possessed” due to playing the game.

One of the affected youths, whose identity has been withheld, told the outlet: “You can end up dying from those games because you know this is something from the devil, and you don’t play around with the devil.”

Claudia Patricia Asprilla, the mother of one of the girls involved, said that her daughter “said she doesn’t want to go to school because she’s afraid . . . “.

The young people were taken to a local health centre.

Local authorities are visiting the affected girls’ homes, bringing psychological, social and spiritual help.

Fr Wilson Tamayo, pastor of Divine Child Church in Istmina said: “All this happens precisely because we have closed the door of our hearts to God, and so I invite you to welcome God’s message which is salvation, mercy and freedom.”

Last year, “Charlie Charlie” became popular among young people worldwide.

Social media posts of the invocation went viral, prompting a wave of concern over the potential risk of being exposed to demonic possession.


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