Anti-Semitism is back

Anti-Semitism is back, something that should compel Christians and Jews to work together because the problem affects them all.

This was one of the messages aired during a recent seminar held by the Yad VaShem memorial at the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem.

“Evil cannot be overlooked. You cannot put your head in the sand today, especially after the Holocaust,” said Ephraim Kaye, Yad VaShem’s director of international seminars.

He added the world is seeing a “clash of civilisations” that threatens Jews and Christians alike.

“Today we’re in the same boat, Christians and Jews. More Christians are being murdered every day than Jews throughout the Middle East and in other places,” Kaye told CBN News.

“We need each other. There is a clash of civilisations.”

Kaye told the Christian leaders who attended the seminar that “fundamentalist radical, extremist Islam” poses dangers to the entire world and that the Church should not ignore this problem.

For her part, Susanna Kokkonen, director of Christian Friends of Yad VaShem, noted that during the Holocaust, when Adolf Hitler launched his campaign of extermination against the Jews during World War II, the Church was silent.

“We think about the Holocaust, the Church was silent. We don’t have to be silent today,” Kokkonen, who led the Christian leaders’ seminar, told CBN News.

As Jews and Christians alike face a new threat to their existence today, Kokkonen believes much of the Church is still silent. Read more


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