Antique vestments stolen from Wellington church

Irreplaceable century-old vestments have been stolen from St Peter’s Anglican Church in Willis St, Wellington.

The vestments were more than 100 years old and have significant meaning to the central city church.

The items are very distinctive and would be of little value to anyone outside the church, police said.

They include matched sets of burses, palls, manipules and veils in church ‘season’ colours – red, white, green and purple.

Church sacristan Susan Atkins said the vestments probably came from a guild in England.

They were in a locked glass display cabinet. A slide-lock from the cabinet was found lying on the floor, having been popped off the top of the sliding glass doors.

While some Anglican churches had done away with ceremonial frills from the past, the vestments had been on display to show people the beauty from what at times felt like a bygone era, Atkins said.

The vestments have been used for communion services particularly on special occasions such as the Wellington church’s 150th birthday.

“We would never leave our silver and things out. We’ve had bits of brass stolen off the big eagle [at the front of the church]. People used to screw bits off of it because they could sell the brass.

“The poor box has been replaced so many times, I think it’s stronger than Fort Knox now. One time someone smashed it clear from the wall.”


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