Same sex marriage is ok so why not polygamy? Pope’s silence suggests it’s a “simple civil right”.

Legalising polygamy is the next step for Italy, now same sex marriages have been legalised. The founder of Italy’s main Islamic organization says since the country now recognizes civil unions for same-sex couples, there’s no reason polygamous relationships shouldn’t also be afforded legal protection. He also claimed Pope Francis’ silence regarding his suggestion means the pontiff has perhaps understood it’s a “simple civil right” and a matter of equality.

Hamza Piccardo is founder of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy, an umbrella organization which represents most of Italy’s Muslim communities.

Recently, Piccardo shared a picture of the mayor of Milan with a gay couple after celebrating their union on Facebook.

Piccardo accompanied the picture with the following message: “If it’s only a matter of civil rights, then polygamy is a civil right.”

Commenting on his own August 6 post, after several Facebook users reacted to it, he wrote: “Myself and millions of people don’t agree with homosexual unions, and yet it’s licit and we respect them.

Those interested in them are a minority, as polygamists would be. Society as a whole can accept everyone.”

An Argentine newspaper, Infobae, quotes Piccardo telling the Italian state TV system, RAI, that the Vatican’s silence regarding his request – which generated a heated debate among many circles – is perhaps proof that the pope has accepted it as a civil right.

Piccardo also uses religious grounds, what he calls “revelation,” to bolster his case, saying that’s the reason why he’s asking for recognition of polygyny (a man with more than one female partner), which is accepted in the Qur’an, but not polyandry (a woman with more than one male partner).


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