‘Strange Occurrences’ – film about Knock Shrine released this week

“Strange Occurrences in a small Irish village” opens in Irish cinemas on Friday. The film’s title is derived from the international press coverage at the time [Our Lady appeared there].

The film develops a fascinating, vibrant portrait of the phenomenon by examining the vast patchwork of individuals and groups involved.

It presents a balanced opportunity for believers to celebrate the phenomenon and those who facilitate its ongoing success, while for sceptics it allows a fascinating glance into the thriving world, and business, of Ireland’s Marian Shrine.

Director Aoife Kelleher commented: “It’s very important that every generation interrogate the stories that are passed down to them, and look at them afresh, and decide for themselves whether they should be embraced and preserved or discarded.

The story itself is so fantastic that you completely want to get to the bottom of it.

You want to know what it is that they saw and how it was spoken about at the time.” Read more

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