Pope says its a sin to destroy nature

Environmental destruction is a sin. In what can be called a very drastic and radical departure from traditional Catholic concepts of “sin,” “charity” and good deeds, Pope Francis has actually called the act of destroying environment a “sin.”

This is perhaps the first time a leader of an Abrahamic religion has spoken so much about environmental issues.

The supreme leader of the Catholic Church has issued a letter for the World Day of Prayer for The Care of Creation in which he has urged all Christians to redouble their efforts towards environment protection.

While traditional notions of charity and mercy translate as feeding the hungry, visiting the sick or sheltering the homeless, the Pope has surprised the world again by adding an all new dimension to these good works- nature.

The Pope points out the environment is one of the most troubled and distressed aspects of the world which needs to be taken care of by all people, as it is the common home for all.

The Pope even went to the extent of proposing that caring for the environment should be added to the traditional seven acts of mercy that Christians are enjoined by the Church to perform, which happens to be one of the most unconventional and unusual proposals to have been made by a religious leader.

However, this proposal only emphasizes the importance that the Bishop of Rome places on environment protection.

This also happens to echo his last year’s ecologically themed encyclical, in which he observes that the world has been turned into a pile of filth due to a corrupt system where the wealthy exploit the poor.

The Pope has earlier described the earth of today as “a polluted wasteland full of debris, desolation and filth” caused by the sinful destruction of nature by man.


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