Lachlan Bartlett – Recent St Bede’s old boy wins scholarship

A college and community leader from Harewood in Christchurch has been awarded the prestigious runner-up prize of this year’s Cochlear Graeme Clark Scholarship for Australia and New Zealand.

Nineteen-year-old Lachlan Bartlett will benefit from the financial assistance from Cochlear to help fund his double degree of law and criminal justice at the University of Canterbury.

“Whatever your challenges are, whether it is hearing or learning difficulties, don’t ever use it as an excuse.”

“Consider it an opportunity to prove people who doubt you wrong.

“Realise that your deafness is a gift that will present opportunities and challenges to you that would never have happened without it. ”

“It is a part of who you are. Be proud of it. Own it.”

Bartlett was Head Boy at St Bede’s College in Christchurch in 2015.

He was captain of the First XI football team, won a University of Canterbury Leaders Scholarship, has represented the school at the National Athletics Road Race and won Academic Gold Pockets (2013, 2014), Honours Pocket for Athletics (2014).

He also won the Year 10, 11 and 12 New Zealand Federation for Deaf Children scholarship.

“As a leader in many communities, it is crucial that I give back to those around me,” he says.

“I now have a part-time job in the Learning Assistance team at St Bede’s helping boys who have learning difficulties.”

“It is an incredibly humbling feeling being able to help others the way you were once helped.”

“As Head Boy I came to the realisation that a true leader does not stand above others but serves those who need help the most.”

Having recently joined the Marist Leaders Network, a nationwide organisation that helps the Head Students and Prefects of Catholics schools in New Zealand, Lachlan is developing the skills that will one day come in handy in his chosen vocation as a lawyer.

“Being deaf, I have seen many examples in society where people have been discriminated and it would be an honour to stand and give then the support and empathy they need,” he says.

“Graeme Clark helped and continues to help those who were disadvantaged and I believe that with this scholarship, I too can continue to follow, to the best of my ability, the example he has set.

Lachlan credits much of his academic, social and sporting success to the Cochlear implant he received when he was eight years old.


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