Suicide is no longer a taboo word in Samoa

“Suicide is no more a taboo word which is not mentioned within our society,” said Papali’i Carol Ah Chong, Executive Director of Fataua Le Ola. (FLO)

On Saturday Samoa joined the rest of the world to commemorate World Suicide Prevention Day, in an effort to stop people ending their own lives.

Ah Chong said, ” suicide is something everyone has a role to play in eliminating and today is a very important day for the organisation.”

The day began at 6am with a parade on Beach Rd.

At 9am there was a television special consisting of personal testimonies, addresses by prominent church and government leaders, individuals, including Archbishop Alepati, video clips on suicide issues, awareness and fundraising events.

At 6pm there was a candlelight prayer service on the beach in front of Sheraton Aggie Grey’s Hotel.

Orange and yellow balloons were released into the sky, signifying the spirit of those who took their own lives being released and set free.

F.L.O.asked everyone in Samoa to end the day by saying a prayer and lighting a candle at 8pm to show support for suicide prevention, to remember loved ones lost and for survivors of suicide.

“We will be lighting our candles on the beach and they will be placed on the water to float as beacons of light, signifying the light of Christ within each of us, a light that we are asked to illumine the whole world with and not to hide under a bushel or snuff out by suicide.”

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Founded in 2000, F.L.O. advocates for a suicide free Samoa by raising awareness about suicide prevention.



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