Ex-priests and nuns to unite ex-Catholics

Ex-priests and nuns along with Catholic priests in India have united.

They aim to bring together people who have issues with the Catholic church.

The new initiative is called the ‘Open Church Movement’.

Members  will be free to follow and practice traditions according to their wishes.

Open Church Movement coordinator George Abraham Malayat said the faithful silently witnessed ill-practices of the church.

“They fear denial of sacraments like burial, marriage or baptism.

“The Open Church Movement is being launched as a project of our association.

“Its members will never be denied any sacraments as the movement itself has priests and nuns as its part,” he added.

National chair of the Movement, Reji Njellani says there are thousands of faithful who would like to speak against ill-practices in the church.

“The movement aims at bringing such people together and holding them closer to church.”

The first phase will focus on Catholics who left because of bitter experiences from church leadership.

The second phase will focus on bringing together people belonging to non-catholic churches.

“Those who believe in Christ should be united in one faith.

“There are hundreds of Christian denominations and sects in Christ’s name.

“They do not respect each other.

“It is the responsibility of the Catholic Church to bring in a reformation within itself and in other churches,” Njellani added.


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