Religious conflict countered in French workplaces

Religious conflict in French workplaces is growing.

This follows a growing presence of religion in workplaces.

To counter this the French government will release a guide on religion in the workplace.

The guide will explain employee and employer rights in religious confrontation at work.

Thirty-nine specific cases in the guide provide examples.

These include topics like “can a worker be punished for refusing to work under a woman”.

The guide will be published next month.

The guide follows the Observatory for Religion in the Workplace and Randstad Institute research survey of French workers.

They found 65 percent of workers say they have seen signs of religion in the workplace over the past year.

This is a jump from the 50 percent who said the same thing in the same survey last year.

The study took all religions into account.

Twenty-one percent percent of managers said they had come across people wearing religious symbols.

Eighteen percent said they’d had people asking for time off work for religious purposes.

Eight percent said they had seen people praying during a break.

Nine percent said religion had caused some kind of conflict in the workplace.

This is up from six percent in 2014.

Most conflicts came from men refusing to work under a woman.

This was reported in four percent of cases.

One percent of conflicts come from people who won’t work with people of other faiths.

New labour laws in France say work places must respect people’s rights and freedoms.



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