Religious leaders must condemn terrorism

Religious leaders

Religious leaders must help counter the spread of hatred and violence in the name of religion.

They must also promote more inclusive and peaceful societies.

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin wants protection for the victims of atrocities.

He also urged both religious leaders and national authorities to step up preventive measures.

He says this is a grave responsibility for nation States and the international community.

“It seems entirely appropriate, therefore, to reflect on the responsibility of religious leaders.”

In an ever more interconnected world, religious leaders have a grave responibility.

They must help counter the spread of hatred and violence in the name of religion.

“They should promote more inclusive and peaceful societies.”

Parolin was a keynote speaker at the “Upholding the Responsibility to Protect: The Role of Religious Leaders in Preventing Atrocities” event.

The Holy See and United Nations sponsored the event.

Parolin also spoke of the popularization of extremism in religion.

He said some religions have been manipulated.

They are becoming champions for violence, genocide, war crimes and ethnic cleansing.

He agreed freedom of religion is an “inalienable fundamental human right.”

He also said the international sphere must reject restrictive religious interpretations that condone violence.

At the same time religion has its place in the public square.

He argued that religion is not the root of atrocities.

Atrocities stem “from a quest for power” he said.


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