President Mugabe – devout Catholic – should be excommunicated brings church into disrepute

President Robert Mugabe is bringing the Catholic church into disrepute by continuing human rights abuses.

At the same time he attends Mass and pretends to be a devout Christian.

Remnant Church founder and renowned anti-Mugabe pastor, Patrick Mugadza, said he will petition Pope Francis, requesting Mugabe’s  excommunication

Mugadza rose to fame after his arrest last year for staging a one-man demonstration.

He demanded Mugabe’s resignation at the last Zanu PF conference in Victoria Falls.

He said the veteran leader has tarnished the image of the Catholic Church.

“We will soon write to the Pope where President Mugabe fellowships,” Mugadza said.

“We will apprise the Roman Catholic church leader of Mugabe’s wanton and gross human rights abuses against defenceless citizens and request the Zanu PF leader’s excommunication.”

The pastor was speaking in an interview with

The interview followed his demonstration against police brutality in Harare this week.

His protest followed dozens of anti-government protestors’ arrest and incarceration across the provinces.

Many of the activists alleged assault and torture at Zimbabwe Republic Police hands.

Many clerics have been condemning the brutality and mis-governance by Mugabe’s government lately.

Mugadza stands-out for being the only one who has staged street demonstrations.

The country has, in the last few months, been rocked by riots as bitter Zimbabweans took to the streets.

They are venting their frustrations and demand that government addresses their grievances.

Two-thirds of the estimated 13 million Zimbabweans live below the poverty datum line.

Their reasons point to an ailing economy as a result of poor policies and elite corruption.

Despite the country’s 90 per cent literacy rating, statistics show at least 80 percent of the adult population is unemployed.


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