Madonna – wanted to be either a nun or movie star

Madonna, entertainment world superstar, knew she wanted to be “a nun or a movie star” by the time she was in fifth grade.

Then, during high school she  said she became “slightly schizophrenic as I couldn’t choose between class virgin or the other kind – both of them had their values as far as I could see”.

She disclosed her childhood ambitions to first-time film-maker Stephen Lewicki.

Lewicki directed the 1985 drama film “A Certain Sacrifice”  in which Madonna starred.

To put this into context: Madonna’s rise to fame started back in 1978. At the time she was a drummer and keen to make headlines in the movies.

Then aged 19, she applied for a starring role in “A Certain Sacrifice”.

She signed off the cover letter letter attached to her application for the role with personal details.

These included her height – 5ft 4 inches, her weight – 102lbs, and said she had brown hair and hazel eyes.

She got the part.

The cover letter, written decades before Madonna would go on to be the Queen of Pop, was read to an audience at the “Letters Live” event in central London last week.

The event celebrates remarkable letters and the enduring power of correspondence.

Madonna said her career began “in petulance and precociousness” in her home town of Detroit, Michigan.

She developed a “great dislike” for her high school classmates and teachers but loved drama class.

Madonna recalls that her “infinite impatience” spurred her on to graduate from high school a year early and move on to study music, art and dance.

“I seemed to turn just about everything into a theatrical production.”

She would go on to be one of the most powerful names in the modern-day music industry, as well as a dancer, businesswoman and actress.


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