PNG’s Bishops bone up on the social media

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Social communication and networking are the way to keep contacts and stay connected, says Fr. Fabrizio Colombo.

Colombo from SIGNIS, was facilitating a session on “Communication and Bishops” at a recent workshop for the Bishops of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

“Communication technologies change people and society,” he said.

“The Catholic Church does not operate in isolation but with communication technologies.”

Colombo said media has the power to change individuals and organizations.

At the workshop

  • An interactive session enabled the participants to develop new knowledge and skills to enhance their communication ability.
  • Radio communication, interviewing skills and the ripple effect of a good radio broadcasts were emphasised.
  • A three-minute radio interview on current issues gave the participants an opportunity to put the theoretical input into practice.
  • Participants were challenged about the use of their social media.
    They were told not to be afraid to use social media for conversational evangelisation.
  • With the help of information technology students from Don Bosco Technological Institute participants created a Facebook page on current social issues in Papua New Guinea.
  •  A forum with professionals from the media allowed the participants to see the need for liaising between the media and the Church.
  • The forum also emphasised the need to make use of the opportunities available to address the fundamental issues confronting the youth and people.
  • The bishops learned the various elements of putting together a powerful story… and then they were given the task of preparing a two-minute inspirational message in front of a camera using storytelling. The video of each of the interviews was presented to the entire group of bishops for comment and constructive criticism.
  • Fr. Ambrose Pereira spoke about sharing and networking. “Our purpose of every production should be – to educate, to inform, to entertain and to inspire”.


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