Donald Trump speaks about Mexican border, abortion, gay marriage

Donald Trump has spoken  about his immediate plans in a CBS interview. These include strategies for Mexican border controls, abortion and gay marriage.

He says he is still determined to build a barrier between Mexico and the United States.

It is not yet clear who will pay for the barricade.

He says it may include both a wall and a fence.

Its purpose is to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States.

He also promised to  or incarcerate millions of illegal immigrants. Many of them are criminals, he asserts.

The US-Mexican border is nearly 2000 kilometres long.

Parts are already fenced, parts are patrolled and much is unprotected desert land.

Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Mexico’s foreign minister, said: ‘We are in the business of eliminating barriers.

‘That’s why we would not consider paying for any wall that puts barriers between our integration and competitiveness.’

Turning to abortion, Trump said he would appoint pro-life judges when decisions about abortion were being re-examined.

He says he is pro-life himself.

Since 1973 abortion laws have applied to all states.

If this law is overturned, Trump says individual states will be able to decide if women will be able to access abortions or not.

If they can’t in their home states, Trump says “they’ll have to go to another state”.

Same-sex marriage has Trump’s backing. He says he’s “fine” with it.


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