Pope Francis’s concern about Trump focuses on poor

Pope Francis’s concern about Donald Trump’s leadership focuses on poor people, especially refugees and migrants.

If the President-elect hurts those on life’s margins, Francis says he will step in.

Otherwise, he wants to give Trump a chance.

Francis consistently shows concern for the poor and marginalised.

On Friday, as the Jubilee Year of Mercy came to an end, Francis welcomed 6,000 poor people to the Vatican.

Most were homeless people from around Europe.

They were there at his invitation. Their expenses were met by charitable organizations.

People with physical and mental disabilities were also welocmed to the end of the Jubilee celebrations.

Prisoners from around Italy have also enjoyed the Pope’s company over the past few weeks.

Francis says the barriers dividing the rich and poor should be torn down.

He would like to see inequality leveled and human rights and freedoms improved.

“What we want is a fight against inequality. This is the greatest evil that exists in the world,” he said.

“Christ spoke of a society where the poor, the weak, the marginalized are empowered… it is they who must help to achieve equality and freedom.”




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