Bishop Tamaki agrees his “inspired moment” will be seen as ridiculous by most


“It was not a prepared or planned message at all – but came at an ‘inspired moment’ before the sermon,” said Bishop Brian Tamaki on his latest blog.

“The earthquake that struck midnight Sunday (sic), the 13th of November 2016 was warned of that Sunday morning at 10:45am, during the Sunday morning church service of Destiny Church Auckland, NZ – that person was me!”

Tamaki said “No other sin in the whole of the bible has any connection to earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, but Sexual Perversions alone.”

He admitted “most men this would seem ridiculous and judgmental by God and US! But God is not judging us, nature is! The environment is suffering under mankind’s iniquities.”

He said many natural disasters have obvious connection to man’s blatant disregard to the environment. Some can be explained through human causes.

“But there are some disasters that are directly related to the (above) scriptures and previous explanation. It’s not going to get better, but worse!”

“The Diminishing of our Christian faith in modern society and the increasing aggressive reaction to Christ and His Church in social, political and family life has hastened the frequency of natural disasters around the globe!”

Tamaki said his Sunday morning talk was “not a church service not a political speech.” … it was God speaking.

Among many other things he advised those listening no to “sit here and ever think that it couldn’t happen for you and me.”

“The comes a day when the Father says listen, I’ve tried every love option. I’ve tried every-long suffering way of waiting for you and you’re still stamping your foot, and you’re still huffing and puffing.”

“Well the next time you stamp your foot there’s going to be an earthquake. The next time you put push out your chest and huff out there your house is going to come under some serious trouble.”

“The next time you throw your chest back and huff out of your mouth, os you think you are invincible you are going to face a horrible illness in your life.”



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