Sindr – the hotline to the Sacraments

Sindr, an app using GPS technology to get you to Mass and Reconciliation, is now official.

It has just been launched at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Next time you’re looking for somewhere to go to Mass or Reconciliation, it may come to your aid. If you’re in Scotland, that is.

It will tell you where the nearest church is and the times you need to be there.

Mass and Reconciliation attendance is dwindling in Scotland.

Although its official name is “The Catholic App”, the name Sindr caught on immediately.

It’s a play on the name for the dating app,Tinder. Just as users can scroll through potential dates on Tinder,  Sindr users can scroll through parishes in their area.

Sindr is the brainchild of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

The Archdiocese hopes Sindr will not only encourage engagement with the mobile generation but act like “a companion and a friend that takes the initiative to inspire you”.

The Catholic Church in Scotland already has a Twitter feed and Facebook presence.

It uses these social media to share news, pictures and videos and to encourage debate.

It says social media often causes hurt and anguish, isolation and loneliness. However, while it can be used to create problems, social media can also offer solutions.

The Church hopes its Facebook and Twitter presence offers an alternative experience the younger generation. They say many young people are isolated and lonely.

In becoming part of their social media experience, the Church is looking forward to being able to help them connect with the more spiritual side of life.



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