X-Files and The Fall star Gillian Anderson fights real life slavery

X-Files and The Fall star Gillian Anderson is horrified so many people live as slaves.

Ex- X-Files character Special Agent Dana Scully, Anderson describes a “slavery pandemic”.

An estimated 46 million people across the globe live as slaves.

They create about $150 billion in illegal profits a year.

Anderson is most concerned about child trafficking.

“At certain points in one’s life one realises there are issues that break your heart,” she says.

“I’ve been involved in many charities over the years but the issue of trafficking, particularly child trafficking for sex, is such an abomination of humanity that I cannot, not, do something.”

The scale of the problem in India led Anderson to play an anti-slavery campaigner in her new movie, ‘Sold’.

The movie focuses on a 13 Nepali girl trapped in the sex trade, as she fights to escape Kolkata’s red-light district.

Anderson plays a photographer who follows the girl’s life, after she is sold into a human sex trafficking ring in modern-day India.

Anderson says once she became aware of the issue she got involved in a campaign to fight the human trafficking industry.

“I don’t think a lot of people fully realize what in industry sex trafficking is in the world,” she stated.

“Forced labor, child labor and sexual exploitation generate about $150 billion every year. It’s all ages — from toddlers to teenagers.

“On the one hand it’s easy to disassociate because it’s on the other side of the world.

“But the fact is what the campaign is bringing to the light is that it’s also in our own backyard …”.

Anderson points out high school students who go missing may be forced into “indentured labor or forced into prostitution where there is violence …”.

Even if they escape “they are treated like criminals by law enforcement,” she says.



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