Marlborough pastor pleased shops open at Easter

A proposed bylaw allowing stores in Marlborough to open on Easter Sunday has an unlikely advocate – a pastor.

The Marlborough District Council called for public submissions on the issue after Parliament passed a bill to give local councils the power to create their own bylaws on Easter Sunday trading in August.

Many church leaders in Marlborough opposed the bylaw, but Oasis Family Church pastor Ross Banbury took a different view to his peers and supported the bylaw.

He was pleased Good Friday would remain “sacrosanct” if the bylaw went ahead, but said trading on Easter Sunday would be a boon for businesses who suffered when forced to close for two days.

They could also capitalise on the biennial Omaka Classic Fighters Airshow which drew an audience of 35,000 last year, he said.

“People want to go out and eat or shop when they’re in town for the show.” Continue reading

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