Vatican ruling bans abusive leader

A Vatican ruling has banned the leader of Sodalitium Christianae Vitae from having any contact with members of the order.

An investigation into allegations of sexual and psychological abuse committed by Luis Fernando Figari,who also founded the order, found him unsuitable to run the order.

Accusations against Figari were first lodged in 2011.

The investigation found Figari, during his many years as Superior General adopted an “excessively or improperly authoritarian [government], directed to impose one’s own will, not willing to accept any form of dialogue and fraternal and sincere confrontation.”

It also found he was not “sensitive to the convictions and demands of others, and therefore not prone to understand, appreciate and accept, even partially, opinions different from his own.”

In addition, Figari made his brothers obey him by using “improper strategies and methods of persuasion … underhanded, arrogant and nonetheless violent and disrespectful of the right to the inviolability of one’s own interiority and discretion, and therefore to the freedom of the human person to independently discern the proposals or decisions.”

Sodalitium Christianae Vitae is a Society of Apostolic Life based in Peru.

It is made up of laymen and priests who live in community as brothers, and have fully given their lives to God, proclaiming the Gospel in the diverse circumstances of human life. It was Pontifically approved by St. John Paul II in 1997.


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