Topics for Wellington Archdiocesan Synod

Cardinal John Dew says the topics for the Wellington Archdiocesan Synod in September “are primarily drawn from the directions Pope Francis has been putting before us.”

The topics will be the subject of the diocese-wide consultation process which begins on 7 May.

They are:

  • The peripheries of society
  • Our own peripheries
  • Refugees and migrants
  • Care for creation
  • Ecumenism
  • Accompanying the young
  • Marriage and family

In addition there are two topics which reflect the particular needs in the Archdiocese: leadership and bicultural and ethnic diversity.

The original date was 22-24 September but that date has now been changed to 15-17 September, because the  the General Election is to be held on 23 September.

It would have been impractical to have the Synod on the weekend of the election.

Synod 17 update No 1. 13 February

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  • Robbie

    I really think a topic for discussion is putting the age of confirmation back to the teenage years where young people can confirm their commitment to their faith. At the moment there is nothing for young people to formally commit to the Church and the faith. In my day confirmation was the initiation into adult catholic life. That cannot be done at age 6.

  • Jack Retter

    Seems to me that it’s important for a Synod to stamp it’s mark and make a visible difference not only to the Church, but to the world.

    Am inclined to think it time to look out not just with words but actions.

    With this in mind an interesting exercise might be to review what was decided at the last synod and receive a report from those tasked to implement it.