Flouting pro-life website ban has serious consequences

Flouting France’s new pro-life website ban could result in offenders spending two years in jail and being fined US$30,000.

The legislation makes “spreading misleading information” about abortion a crime.

Flouting the law includes “spreading or transmitting allegations or indications liable to intentionally mislead, with the purpose of deterring (from abortion), on the characteristics or medical consequences of a voluntary interruption of abortion.”

Archbishop Georges Pontier of Marseille, president of the French bishops’ conference, wrote to President Francois Hollande expressing his concern about the bill.

He called it a “serious infringement of democratic principles”.

Laurence Rossignol, the minister for women’s rights, said pro-life activists were still at liberty to voice their opposition to abortion, as long as it was “under the condition they openly state who they are, what they do and what they want.”

However, the Paris correspondent for LifeSite says the wording of the law does not match this restriction which can be used to prosecute people who present abortion in an unfavorable light and push women to reject abortion.


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