Iraqi Christian refugees’ situation critical and dangerous

Iraqi Christian refugees’ situation is “critical and dangerous”, according to Jordanian priest, Fr. Khalil Jaar.

He says their situation will deteriorate as access to international aid tightens.

“This is now the third year of displacement for the Iraqi Christians. It’s very tough. Donations are becoming less, while global attention is waning,” Ra’ed Bahou, regional director of the Pontifical Mission says.

Jaar and Bahou’s comments were made at a conference hosted by the Vatican Embassy in Amman and the Catholic charity, Caritas Jordan.

The conference focused on refugees’ needs and sought better cooperation between Catholic leaders, who were exploring income-generation projects for the refugees

Jaar has devoted his ministry to aiding Iraqi and Syrian refugees flooding into Jordan from neighboring conflicts for more than a decade.

“They have finished their money and they aren’t allowed to work. How can they live in human dignity?” he asks.

The Jordanian government says it hosts 1.5 million refugees and its budget, water, electricity and other services are overburdened by the numbers, Daniela Cicchella of U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR explains.

Of these, she says 700,000 refugees of 42 nationalities are registered with the agency in Jordan.

Jaar says UNHCR is doing its best to preserve and protect the dignity of the refugees in Jordan.



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