Stream of what is said to be healing water found in Vanuatu

healing water

People in Luganville, Santo, are flocking day and night to a stream that is claimed to have healing elements.

There is however no scientific expert or medical data is available to back or rebut these claims.

A caller from Luganville, told the Vanuatu Daily Post around 200 to 300 people come to the stream every day since its discovery.

Some people drink the water. Others bathe in it further downstream.

People fill containers at the source to take home to families or even send it to relatives in other islands.

“The miraculous healing water is unbelievable,” the caller claimed.

“It works and people flock to the spring water by the sea shore just outside Luganville daily to get to the water.”

“Since its discovery, people with all sorts of diseases such as skin diseases, those who can’t walk, blind, deaf and internal problems have been bathing and drinking the water from the spring source that spreads along the foreshore,” the caller said.

A similar claim about a stream was made in Fiji over a year ago that attracted thousands of people with various diseases and disabilities that flocked to and still going to a water source.

Some ni-Vanuatu  travelled to Fiji to visit this stream and brought it back to Vanuatu in bottles.

“Here on Santo, there is no charge to come to the spring healing water because it is a free gift from God,” the Luganville caller claimed.


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