Married men’s ordination open for consideration

Married men’s ordination could be considered as a solution to the lack of vocations, Pope Francis says.

In his first ever interview with a German newspaper yesterday, Francis discussed his attitude to the consecration of married men.

He said the shortage of priests around the world is an “enormous problem” that must be resolved.

At the same time though, he said “Voluntary celibacy is not the answer” to resolving the lack of clergy.

Instead, he stressed the importance of prayer to overcome the vocations crisis.

If the current regulation of celibacy for priests were changed and married men were considered, Francis said those selected would need to be viri probati, married men proven in faith and virtue.

The tasks these men would undertake would also need to be decided, he said.

The Church already allows some married non-Catholic clergymen who become Catholics to be ordained priests.

Furthermore, in some places – like Mexico – married deacons, selected by their bishops, are filling the roles of priests in areas where there are none.


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